Society of NLP Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainer
Gina has trained extensively with co-creator of NLP, Richard Bandler and assisted on his London seminars as his scribe for over 4 years. She is also the Founder and Editor of The Healing Pool Magazine in which Richard Bandler requested to be interviewed. The interview is available at the NLP Life Training blog page along with a collection of articles on NLP submitted here.

Hypnotism and Coaching

Having trained extensively in NLP and hypnosis and its application to business, creativity and spirituality she was assistant and scribe to celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna and international NLP business consultant and spiritual teacher Micheal Breen. Additionally, her role was to ensure high standards of excellence were achieved by NLP and hypnosis students during practitioner trainings. She gained her diploma in Life Coaching from Newcastle University.

Intuitive Coaching
Gina trained at the CMED Institute under the direction of Medical Intuitive Carolyn Myss in 2003, being one of the first to attend the now legendary Sacred Contracts tour. She continues to study her work and attends follow up seminars every year. She has gained a good understanding of how Universal energy law works to establish and maintain emotional and associated physical health issues.

Gina has attended trainings and workshops in the leadership, spiritual, health and well-being and lifestyle sectors with teachers such as Robert Holden, Robert Cialdini, Thom Hartman, Candice Pert, Rupert Sheldrake, Michael Neill and NLP Co-trainer Eric Robbie (my friend, mentor and healer). She holds a BSc Sports Science and Business degree and is a regular columnist for Positive Health magazine. In 2006, she pioneered and tested her own methods in applying NLP to 3D Virtual Worlds such as Second Life, Open Sim and Kitely and ran the first live streamed presentation on NLP from Second Life at 2008 IASH Conference in Silicon Valley,California. .

Linked In – I make my Linked In profile available for those who have an account and wish to view my work and experience record.


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