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MIND – Neurolinguistic Programming
A systematic approach to behaviour change using the tools and techniques of NLP. The client is guided through a series of exercises and or questions to help establish new behaviour patterns. Unlike counselling or psychotherapy, NLP works in the main without content, and is more geared towards the process of re-learning new behaviours right off the bat, including Fast Phobia Cure, Stop Smoking and giving up certain foods and substances. NLP is NOT therapy, it’s more a skills and educational process that the client can use long after the NLP sessions have concluded.

BODY – Life Coaching
A collaboration of agreed actions are elicited from the client with weekly follow ups either by email or Skype. The client is held accountable for taking responsibility for the progress made during the coaching relationship. The number of sessions lasting up to 1 hour can be between 3 – 6 depending on individual requirements.

SOUL – Intuitive guidance
An inquiry as to the best way forward for clients wishing to clarify decisions relating to specific areas of their life. Information is elicited on behalf of my client using intuitive abilities developed and tested over 10 years to gain answers and insights. The end result is that they feel confident and are clearer regarding next steps. Book a 5 session Intuition Coaching Program here 

SPIRIT – Transpersonal NLP Coaching
A combination of all three disciplines to help the client realise their highest potential on an energy level. A much more introspective approach that addresses deep truths to align the client with their life path.


NLP training design and facilitation
I work with NLP training providers to ensure they are structuring and facilitating their courses efficiently and effectively for maximum impact. I work with you to provide reviews, guidance and suggestions allowing you to make the final informed decisions on how training is designed and implemented.

Subject Matter Expert Blogging/Writing/Editing
If you are just starting out on your social media journey or require a boost to your blog pages, I work with you to create inspiring and influential prose to increase audience engagement, participation and sign up.

I can re-structure on-line courses to outline client training programmes to support your position as an expert in your field. Others will enjoy learning about your ideas in a way that helps them apply to all areas of their life in engaging and future focused ways.

I can support teachers and educators in how to provide NLP approaches to their audience in a way that caters for all learning styles. Students will be able to learn more flexibly and understand the processes of NLP structured learning methods. Delivery mode: Online Consultations in Skype and courses via


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